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IBM Watson Chatbot – No cure, No pay!

More and more companies has realised that an IBM Assistant Chatbot is a key player in an improved customer support, as it’s giving them the ability to answer their customers 24/7/365.

A good chatbot is quite complex to build and it can be a bit daunting at first sight!

For this reason LHCom is offering the “No cure—no pay!” practice, meaning that we’ll set up your chatbot free of charge, giving you the chance to test this technology, before having to worry about the economy!

All you have to do, is filling in below form with the questions and answers that you want the chatbot to use, we’ll then return with a ready chatbot for your website!

For every dialog, there must be at least 5 questions per answer, also the chatbot must contain at least 20 dialogs. Following is an exampel of a dialog, with both questions and answers:

Q. 1: When are you opening?
Q. 2: What is your opening hours?
Q. 3: Are you open on Saturdays?
Q. 4: When does the shop close?
Q. 5: Are you closed on Sundays?
A: We are open every day Monday to Saturday at 9am – 4pm.

The more questions created (which a customer could ask) for every answer, the better the chance is that the chatbot find the right answer for the customer!

Start by creating a chatbot (Create Chatbot) and save as you go along (Save Chatbot), this ensures that you can continue working on the answers over a good length of time. As you can reload your chatbot again any time (Load Chatbot).

Just remember your email and password, then you can quickly return where you left it!

When you have created all your questions and answers you simply hit the Finish Chatbot! We’ll then receive a notification that your chatbot-work is ready for set-up, and we’ll return with your chatbot within 48 hours!

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