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What can I ask the LHCom Watson Chatbot ?

You can ask the LHCom Watson Chatbot many good questions about IBM Watson, and it’ll give you informative answers from the IBM Watson Chatbot universe.

I have worked with Watson since 2019, and I would have loved to have had access to a chatbot for my questions, when I started out – and now it’s here!

Examples of what you can ask:

  • “What is a discovery ?”
  • “Why is it called Watson ?”
  • “Can Watson run without the IBM Cloud ?”

and many more! Please be patient if you do not get a good answer! I check the log-statistics often, and I will search the answers, and update the bot as often as possible! The chatbot starts out with a series of buttons with questions often asked, which makes it easier for you as a user to get answers within the button categories.

With special requests, send me a mail on, and I will get back to you!

All the botting best 🙂

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